Custom Project - Barber Shop Booking App

Hi.  Here are the basic requirements for the application
For convenience, I will call future any users as customers, and barbershop as salons
The main color of the application is dark gray
Login under a specific user gives the advantages of an administrator with the ability to edit / delete all salons, services, clients, reviews
Multilingual application (3 languages)
First page
Language selection with flags of existing languages
The page with the list of salons with the ability to view. When trying to order services, redirect to the login page.
Login button at the top of the page
Login page with a choice: I am a client, I am a salon.  No guest access for booking! Only view salons.
For clients
1. When authorizing a client, if there are no orders, then immediately open the salon search page(now, when logging in, the orders page opens immediately).  If he made an order, then the order page is as it is now.
2. Add a phone number to the user profile, show only the salons in which he made an order
3. User gender with icons (male, female)
4. If a man is selected, then in the search results, display only those salons in which services are selected for men or for all.  So it is with women.
5. User rating bar with stars
6. Only those who ordered the service there can evaluate the salon, only after their service has been accepted or rejected(now, when logging in, the orders page opens immediately)
7. The timing of the reminder in the profile about the upcoming trip to the salon(ex. two hours earler)
8. If there is only one master in the salon and he has orders for a certain time, then this time cannot be selected, show crossed out
1. Selecting services from a drop-down list (the list of names of all services will be sent separately).
2. When adding any service, you need to select a checkbox: for men, for women, for everyone.
3. Possibility to specify the execution time for each service in minutes (10, 15, 30, 45, 60) and display it in the list of services
4. If the website is not specified, then hide the icon from the salon page.
5. Add an email field for salons.  Do not display it anywhere, only the administrator sees it (the one who is authorized under a certain email)
6. When adding a service, choose which of the masters can provide these services.
7. When adding masters, indicate which of the existing services they can provide
8. Ability to rate users who have used their services
Additional futures
1. Push notifications about new orders for salons
2. Push notifications for customers about changes in orders (approved, rejected)
3. On the main page, at the bottom, admob advertise block
I will send icons for the application and the necessary photos for the backgrounds a little later, if we agree on the work.
Best regards

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